PSO2 NA Thin Launcher Released

Link to GitHub project and pso2 sales download in the bottom. As many of you've no doubt struck.

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Link to GitHub project and pso2 sales download in the bottom. As many of you've no doubt struck, while in extreme zones such as the Lobby/Gate Area, Phantasy Star Online 2 experiences critical hitching and lag. The way they're applied is once the Official Launcher is run, it downloads a file (management_beta. Txt) from the PSO2 servers that contains various configuration information, one of them being if Memory Optimizations ought to be enabled.

This means at any given point in time that the developers can change this factor in their server to be untrue and everyone would instantly have the hitching and inadequate performance issues resolved without any game limitation demanded. To avoid getting the memory optimizations applied, this Thin Launcher will conduct the same steps lots of Reddit articles have pointed out, which the PSO2 Tweaker does. On launching, it will rename pso2launcher.exe to pso2launcher_temp.exe and rename pso2.exe into pso2launcher.exe. Then it will start Phantasy Star Online 2. Once Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently operating, the Thin Launcher minimizes to a System Tray and stays in the background.

We wanted something lightweight which was simple to use for a particular purpose. In this scenario we designed the Thin Launcher to operate especially with the NA client to use virtually no system resources or storage and give a way we could click to run and instantly be in-game and not encounter hitching Now by default the Thin Launcher will present an interface to you with the symbolic linked path of your sport install, a brief description of how it works, and a significant launch button.

When you click Launch, it is going to check whether you have the most recent version and in that case, launch Phantasy Star Online 2 and minimize itself as previously noted. But if you do not have the most recent version it will display a prompt asking in the event that you prefer to conduct the Official Launcher to begin patching. The launcher can be put anywhere on your computer. Due to this being a Windows Store game, it will have the ability to discover your game install and start it just nice. In case you wish to depart the Thin Launcher manually while Phantasy Star Online 2 is still running, the tray icon could be right clicked on to open a context menu to properly exit the launcher.

But I suppose I moved on a bit of a tangent, the during-gameplay UI of PSO2 is generally pretty lightweight, but it's the submenus that are the real pain to learn and navigate, I'm still needing to remember where stuff is despite coming out of JP (that saidit was a very very long time because I played JP). PAs will be the bread and butter of PSO2 melee courses, you'll definitely be attempting to gun for as much DPS as possible afterwards in Phantasy Star Online 2, so much that if you are dying in the process of finding that balance and cheap PSO2 Meseta taking risks; then you are doing the proper thing, it is in what you will discover the fun in PSO2's battle.

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