I dont have the capability to perform dailies

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If you do not gather you need to purchase from the AH or even a friend/guild mate. That could get expensive fast if you don't watch for price tendencies the AH. Until you hit max level the advise I give to anyone asking is to dismiss transactions. In the long run, your choice of trades is private and wow classic gold I'd recommend taking the one which most interests you.

(Alliance), so I truly want a specific piece of this Warfront armor. (The highest rank greatbelt, plate wearer. Really like the buttflap, and it looks cool from the front.) I was just interested...do you only ever have one shot at this per week, when the warfront is Arathi? Can there be any method or do I just need to beg if it week for it? I, and everyone else it seems... have a hard time choosing a main, and with alts is simply stressing me out since my personality makes me unhappy when I overlook dailies.

But I dont have the capability to perform dailies on over just 1 and play/gear them. In addition, I understand I must have at least 2 specs in my characters or else I will just cry myself to sleep. Anyone that have been in the exact same boat and manage to find a mindset which calmed you/helped you pick? I know that its more of an issue I want to find out the way to handle in my head rather than that which course to use. I got a mage into 120, feels super since all I could do is dps restricted. Got a paladin to 120, I will tank/heal boring, somewhat restricted and nice, dont enjoy the DPS as a paladin, healing feels meh on paladin. I'm unsure if I want to tank nowdays if it seems okay I think it should be avoided by me for my own sake.

I've been eyeballing shamans because it get caster melee and recovery. Think that might suit my needs, but from what I hear they are garbage (?) If you would like to achieve later + that is epic, so that scares me though I might never go above M +15 myself. As shaman if I feel the urge to do so, without rolling a course, I will somewhat gear a and still switch to melee. (less gear stress). As you see, my head says I cant perform with a class thats bottom of the barrel, even if I'd never feel that the issue that they have. Etc.

Since it is right now I heal a bit about the paladin, do dailies,play the mage, feels bad for gearing up it since I"understand" I dont need a pure dps as main, feels bad for missing dailies every now and then and so on. I really do like WOW Classic, I really do but I'm because I cant make my mind up worried I burn myself out and stop for a while, occurs every dang expansion to more gold on mywowgold since WOTLK. Have you got medicine, a mindset or something that I could do? Are shamans the messias that disturbs all my issues once I get it heading for articles or will I shout?