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What I am asking is, can you help me select a good course to cheap Dofus Kamas play for starting out.

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What I am asking is, can you help me select a good course to cheap Dofus Kamas play for starting out. I'll be playing mainly solo since my jobs are all over the area, too because I do not know anyone yet to play with. Plan to mainly do PvM. So I believe that's mostly from what I know dungeons and quests. In terms of PvP I don't really plan to perform some, but I could find. Class difficulty isn't really a problem for me as long as the play style is enjoyable. Thus far the courses I am thinking of earning are Rogue, Enutrof, Ouginak.

Hello and welcome to the Dofus game. I am able to see you cite Feca and Eni. I would recommend you to decide on Panda or a Feca if you like playing tank. Feca got glyps and all those shield and may do decent damage. Not as much harm as a Iop but nevertheless good damage and the course acquired a teleport and protects so that it's a very good course in PvM and PvP. You can never go wrong by picking on a Feca.

A strenght Panda at par 190+ can solo tank a lot of wind game mobs without any healer so that you mayne want a Panda. You simply have to find level 190+ first.Eni isn't really that good in the present time. Sure they could heal a lot but in fights you'll never get hitted that much plus a char that is int/fire can deliver a healing weapon and thats enough heals. Enis damage is not the best so I would not pick a Eni.

The statement that a number of classes want other to be in a position to progress in the Dofus match is only valid on the Dofus retro edition of this Dofus game.In the present 2.53 version, all classes can solo the stuff you'll have to solo (mostly quest fights), only the soloing method will fluctuate:Rogues will attempt to one-shot ennemies they need to solo (We mostly say one-turn by the way), whereas Fecas will have the ability to reduce substantially the amount of harm that is done to them while killing their ennemies slowlier.

For a Healer/Buffer class I'd recommend: Eni, Foggernaut (also known as steamers), Osa. Additionally, there are classes that may heal trhough unorthodox manners (Eca for example ). To get a Tank/Support course, my recommendation is Panda. Feca, Masqueraider are also lots of fun to perform: they're focused on tanking whereas Panda is centered on moving things about (while still being able to tank a bit).This stated, bear in mind that you get to play 20 spells and as you level up, you'll unlock 20 spell variations, which will considerably enrich your gameplay potential, basicaly enabling you to Kamas Dofus Retro do anything: Heal as a Sram, DPT as an Eni, Buffing as a Rogue.

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